We are craftsmen with a strong appreciation for nature. For us, nature is not just beautiful, it’s everything. It is the source of all creation and the origin of our inspiration.   While creating furniture, we continuously look for the best possible harmony between culture and nature, using the art of craftsmanship as a tool to honor both. We use reclaimed and organic materials and follow ancient knowledge and Javanese traditions to produce unique and high-quality pieces with a story. Valuable pieces that last. 

We are craftsmen with a strong appreciation for nature.

Believing that harmonizing with nature is the most important thing, we actively seek for ways to minimize the negative impact our business activity has on the environment and our earth. It is what we do now, and what we have been doing from the beginning. It is not the easiest way to go, but for us it is the only way.
Humble, and with respect for nature, we craft patiently. 

Our history dBodhi is founded in 2007 by the Dutch Raymond Davids as an answer to the more common, sleek new-wood furniture of that time. Davids felt a need for more unique furniture: furniture with a story. Based in Indonesia, he started producing tables and cabinets from old wood derived from century-old houses from remote villages in East-Java, according to ancient knowledge and Javanese traditions. Over the years, the brand grew into what it is today: a family-owned furniture brand with both nature and ancient culture at heart, using the art of craftsmanship as a tool to honor both.

Our furniture All dBodhi furniture is made in Indonesia: in our studio on Java, or in one of the small-scale workshops we work with. Our collections are designed with one philosophy: to pay tribute to nature using the art of true craftsmanship. We use reclaimed and organic materials and follow ancient knowledge and Javanese traditions to produce unique and high-quality pieces with a story. Valuable pieces that last.

Reclaimed Teak.
Reclaimed teak is the cornerstone of our brand.

Our reclaimed teak wood is sourced from century-old houses from remote villages in East Java, before being repurposed and crafted into new pieces of furniture. The rustic wood comes from mature trees over sixty years old and is of very high quality. Repurposing the wood is an elaborate process. Our craftsmen receive the wooden slats in all sizes and conditions, often with original nails and paint still in place. After hand sorting the wood, they manually sand and rework each piece. Packed with history, the wood is full of character, with unique and elegant textures that can never be reproduced or imitated by newly cut wood.

If you do it right,

it will last forever

Handcrafted Coco.
Due to its endless options for use, the coconut tree is also referred to as ‘the tree of life’.

For our special coco weaves, local Javanese crafters use the strong middle of the leaves of the coconut palm. Processing this sustainable material is not easy, and the weaving of the midribs requires a level of accuracy and tenacity that only skilled crafters can provide. After cutting down the palm leaves, the midribs are carefully removed and put to dry. After cleaning and handpicking the good ones, the thin twigs are spun together with yarn on a traditional loom that is manually operated by our craftsmen.