Section 1

Change my delivery address

Please contact us if you want to change the delivery address. If the order is already collected by the transporter then it’s not possible to change the delivery address.

Section 2

Track my order

If your order is delivered with SiCepat or RPX you will receive a track & trace email to track your order. You will be provided an option of an estimated delivery date during check out and you can monitor your delivery process.

Section 3

Receiving the order

Make sure you or someone else receives it when the order is delivered to your address. If the delivery process attempt has reached 3 times, you will be contacted by the logistics service to arrange a new delivery time and will be charged by the logistics service.

Section 4

My order hasn't arrived

Please contact us so we can find out why your order hasn’t arrived.

Section 5

My order is faulty / damaged

We have a quality control process before your order gets shipped and we try our best to deliver it in an impeccable state. When you receive the order, please record a video when opening the package all the way until you can see the product. If it occurs that you have a faulty or damaged item, then please also take photos of the damaged item and send them to us via contact@dbodhi.id or whatsapp us at +62-8119192555 in not more than 24 hours. We will contact you to arrange a pick-up and replacement if needed. In this case, we will of course also cover the costs for the return.